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Welcome to BKOM

It is our belief as parents and educators is that we are responsible for finding the keys to motivate and nurture that learning in each student as an individual. BKOM was created to be a source of encouragement, a place of learning, and a space for self expression.


At BKOM, we believe that experience is the source of all good learning. Hence, we strive to create an open, student centered learning environment that encourages them to seek out and learn more about their personal interests and passions.


The first key in this pursuit is recognizing each child’s strengths and weaknesses and preparing to help them in the classroom.


The second step we take is in the selection of our materials, which cover a wide variety of subjects and topics. The materials used in BKOM programs are carefully chosen to introduce new ideas and activate learning.


The third step in our preparation is our approach to the class and how each teacher sets their classroom environment.


By providing teachers with an equal amount of freedom in choosing how they will conduct the lessons in their class based on the standards and expectations set within our curriculum. The BKOM program is unique in that its focus is on finding ways for students to thrive.


ExL Program

6~7 years old


Most children don’t struggle to find ways to learn about the world around them. They are natural explorers and risk takers that willingly seek new experiences. Those same children often struggle to find their place in the classroom and excel in the ways we know that they can.


The BKOM ExL Program is designed to allow students to learn and develop their language through a combination of experiential and task based lessons. We take a natural approach to language acquisition at an early age to help students become comfortable in interacting with teachers and peers. Our ‘whole language’ program introduces new concepts through fun activities and facts that students can immediately understand and respond to. The BKOM ExL Program raises students to be independent, self confident learners, who understand the value of their voice and those of their peers.


Raising Independent Thinkers

IT Program

Grades 1~4


Children go through a tremendous amount of growth and strain as they transition into elementary school and begin to grow into independent thinkers. As individuals children already have the capacity to think creatively and critically about the world around them, but their learning frequently does not engage them in this way.


The BKOM IT Program encourages students to express their thoughts and opinions on the topics covered in class. Selected materials are on level for comprehension and challenges students to explore the possibilities of the concepts presented to them. Teachers use scaffolded lessons to build on top of knowledge that students already possess to add to the learning experience. Numerous audio visual aids are also introduced to help enhance the learning experience by making new concepts more immediate and tangible. Teachers coach students to use inferences and to extrapolate meaning, deduce definitions and draw conclusions related to the materials they use in class.


Developing Future Thinkers & Leaders

FTL Program

Grade 5 ~ Junior High


As children transition to adolescence and prepare for young adulthood they face numerous pressures. These pressures can lead to them losing focus on the essentials of their own development, when they should be discovering and cultivating their own skills based on their individual personalities and interests.


At BKOM our primary focus is on helping students develop a strong sense of self, and purpose. Teachers guide students as they build ideas and form opinions on topics studied and discussed in class. Students refine their critical thinking skills in classes by being challenged to consider the meaning of the materials they read and reinterpret them in their own words and form their own ideas. Students will work on forming opinions and researching evidence to provide reasoning for their statements in writing and debate classes. The texts studied range through classical narrative, articles from news outlets, and additional support media.