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Raising Independent Thinkers

IT Program

Grades 1~4


"Imagine, Think, Express"


"BKOM은 단순히 영어를 배우는 곳이 아닙니다.  

영어로 다양한 사회 문화를 배우고 느끼고 표현하게됩니다."

-American Literature Textbook

-Vocabulary Workshop


-Nonfiction Reading 

-ITE Writing

Speech & Writing Class

-1 min Theme speech

-Theme Writing

-Pre-Debate Class

Grades 1~4


Children go through a tremendous amount of growth and strain as they transition into elementary school and begin to grow into independent thinkers. As individuals children already have the capacity to think creatively and critically about the world around them, but their learning frequently does not engage them in this way.


The BKOM IT Program encourages students to express their thoughts and opinions on the topics covered in class. Selected materials are on level for comprehension and challenges students to explore the possibilities of the concepts presented to them. Teachers use scaffolded lessons to build on top of knowledge that students already possess to add to the learning experience. Numerous audio visual aids are also introduced to help enhance the learning experience by making new concepts more immediate and tangible. Teachers coach students to use inferences and to extrapolate meaning, deduce definitions and draw conclusions related to the materials they use in class.